First Peas to the Table

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First Peas to the Table


Susan Grigsby


Albert Whitman Company

Ages 4 – 7

Maya loves contests, so she is excited when her teacher announces they will plant a school garden like Thomas Jefferson’s garden at Monticello.
And they’ll have a “First Peas to the Table” contest, just like Jefferson and his neighbors had each spring. Maya plants her pea seeds with a secret head start—found in Jefferson’s Garden Book—and keeps careful notes in her garden journal. But her friend Shakayla has plans of her own for the contest… Susan Grigsby’s light-hearted classroom story also presents scientific and historical information. Nicole Tadgell’s watercolors add both appeal and botanical accuracy.
The pencil-and-watercolor illustrations capture the story’s tone as well as the characters’ emotions

ISBN: 978-0807524527 PUBLISHED: 2012 FORMAT: Picture book


2013 Growing Good Kids

Excellence in Children’s Literature Award
  • Selected by the Nebraska Farm Bureau’s as the 2012 Children’s Agricultural Book of the year for grades K-3
  • 2013 Learning Magazine’s Teachers Choice Award



The first-person narrative relates events and Maya’s changing perspective in a believably childlike voice, while the pencil-and-watercolor illustrations capture the story’s tone as well as the characters’ emotions.

Kirkus Reviews

History, science and a guidance lesson all rolled into one, this could surely be the spark for many a school garden.

School Library Journal

This beautifully illustrated story has a mixture of both fiction and facts about the life cycle of peas….Teachers will find a multitude of ways to use this book and this team’s In the Garden with Dr. Carver.

Library Media Connection

This picture book seamlessly meshes together a little science, a little history, and a strong storyline.

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