Lights Out!

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Lights Out!


Angela Shelf Medearis



Ages 4 – 7

At bedtime, a young girl enjoys looking out her window and then creates a puppet show with shadows on the wall.
Part of Scholastic’s JUST FOR YOU! series featuring 24 beginning readers written and illustrated by people of color. Young readers will see themselves and their experiences reflected in these delightful books. They will read about how the characters spend their time with family and friends-at home, in school, at the park or barber shop, and other places in their community. These age-appropriate stories include books at three different reading levels. Plus, each book contains instructional-and fun-material for caregivers that targets comprehension and key vocabulary.
ISBN: 978-0439568685 PUBLISHED: 2007 FORMAT: Picture book


School Library Journal

These appealing easy readers focus on social skills, conflict resolution, and bedtime, and feature African-American characters. The stories are engaging, even though the language is quite simple. The illustrations will draw young readers, as they are filled with action and activities to which children will relate. Each title includes discussion tips for adults. “Meet the Author” and “Meet the Artist” pages include photographs and interesting personal notes. These books will be effective in a classroom or library.
Corrina Austin Locke’s Public School St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

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