I started my first Tai Chi class in August 2014. Since then, I’ve lost weight, become more fit and flexible. I feel more balanced mentally, physically and spiritually. This year I missed World Tai Chi and Qigong day (I was on my way to Rochester for a school visit), but next year for sure.
As an artist and graphic designer, I spend a lot of time sitting. I had lots of muscle pain, took ibuprofen almost every day. Now I rarely take pain medication. There is different muscle soreness from working out in class, but it is an excellent trade off. As someone who never participated in any sports, not a gym rat or runner, this fitness program works for me.
I highly recommend Tai Chi and Qigong!
My teacher, Laoshi Karim-Ben Saunders is amazing. His experience, patience, and cheerfulness are something I look forward to every week. He’s written an extensive article on the health benefits of Tai Chi. (link here). He is really too modest. It’s a joy to watch him practice the forms, he makes it look so easy and graceful.
He teaches out of Shaolin Kung Fu Centers in Worcester, and at Spencer Yoga Home in Spencer.
Lucky for both of us, Karim was looking for a logo for his group, so I volunteered to work with him to come up with this nice one:

Our Full Circle group celebrating Chinese New Year